The world’s first canned Mezcal cocktail from Oaxaca, Mexico. Natural Lime and Orange flavors, Mezcal, and a hint of Jalapeno. Gluten free!


    Created with all the kick of a delicious Moscow Mule with none of the artificial junk (like malt liquor) you find in most canned cocktails. Gluten free!


    Whiskey Lemonade
    Premium whiskey and lemonade mixed to create a simply delicious and refreshing cocktail.


    Amaretto Sour
    Your favorite cocktail at the bar is now available without the hassle of buying all the ingredients! Premium Amaretto liqueur with a sour twist of lime.


    Tequila Paloma
    Crafted & canned at the source of tequila country, Jaslico, Mexico. The perfect blend of all-natural grapefruit & lime with crisp carbonation added. Gluten free!


    Watermelon Vodka
    Introducing the most refreshing explosion of watermelon mixed with premium vodka. Gluten free!


    Bloody Mary
    Encompasses what true Bloody Mary drinkers expect with high quality ingredients, small batch production, and a little heat! Gluten free!