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    Fine Rum
    This wonderful amber rum is the perfect marriage of smooth and sweet. Cockspur Fine Rum is a gently aged rum that starts off with a distinct brown sugar taste then develops into a smooth, round, buttery blend that leaves a warm, spicy oak taste on the palate


    Overproof Rum 130

    Strong, but full of flavor. Sweet with just a little spice, and lots of marshmallow and banana.  "Fiery, spirit-like" finish


    Spiced Rum 44
    Clear amber colored .On swirling it leaves a light coat on the glass with oily legs forming

    12 Year Old Rum
    An impeccable blend made using a generous helping of pure, light bodied rum and a hint of full bodied pot-still rum. This beautiful, dark-golden rum is characterized by its sweet, silky, smooth flavor that leaves a wonderful oak taste on the palate.