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    Black Legend
    A truly unique cognac with beautiful complexity, full of exotic spices and rich aromas.  with grapes soley grown in Grande Champagne, the extended oak aging enhances the burst on the palate of candied figs with the smoothness of sweet ginger bread, vanilla and cocoa beans.


    The natural fruitiness and soft aromas are balanced by subtle notes of oak, vanilla and figs due to its extended oak ageing in French oak barrels and a combination of the special blended Cognacs taken from Croizet's wet and dry ageing cellars.


    A well-balanced cognac that has great aromatic richness and Croizet's signature flavours of soft vanilla, orange marmalade and warm candied fruits.


    A beautifully-crafted pure Grand Champagne XO cognac, the best terroir in Cognac, aged in French oak casks using both wet and dry ageing to enhance the smootheness and showing delicate, restrained complexity on the nose and palate of figs,vanilla, saffron and cinnamon.



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