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Holiday Red Blend

Celebrate the holidays with this naughty red wine blend! A balance of soft tannins that results in a great finish with a cherry color and violet tones.


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the snow...
No toys being made, not even a bow!
Santa’s workshop was halted, all production had flopped.
Mrs. Claus was furious! “The toys must be made non-stop!”
She checked the list once, and checked the list twice.
Santa and his Elf were on the Naughty List...
“Oh, they will pay the price!”
She grabbed them both by the collar and wouldn’t you know,
she tossed Santa and his Elf right out in the snow!
Mrs. Claus exclaimed as she drew a fine line...
“Merry Christmas to all, but stay away from my wine!”

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