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    A bartender in an upscale private club in Metro, New York impressed his cosmopolitan clients with a special combination of Premium Vodka, pure cranberry juice and a touch of orange all shaken well with ice and served in a martini glass.
    Appropriately, he called it a Cosmo, “short” for Cosmopolitan.


    Premium caribbean rum, cinnamon, vanilla and other natural flavor.


    Hot Sex

    Many years ago a gifted bartender in the area of San Francisco was impressed by the taste of Ginger Liqueur. It brought back images of his adventures in the Pacific Rim. He decided to make a cocktail with  it. After years of experimentation he arrived at a combination of Imported Ginger Liqueur, vodka, ginseng and real dairy cream blended with the finest chocolate. He was so happy he called it Hot Sex!


    Hot Sex & Brandy

    Made with Imported Canton Ginger Liqueur, vodka, dairy cream, chocolate flavor, ginseng & other natural flavors.


    I'm Coconuts Over You
    Clear with a faint nickel gray cast. Aromas of vanilla and coconut ice creams and custard doughnuts with a soft, very sweet light body and a toasty coconut macaroon and cream pie finish.


    • Bronze Medal - International Review of Spirits Awards
    • 84 points - Beverage Tasting Institute

    Long Island Ice Tea
    Combination of premium vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, citrus juices and a splash of cola was completed. Voila!

    Peach Daiquiri
    At a beautiful beach bar near old Havana, Cuba, a peach farmer and his wife were sipping delightful daiquiri cocktails as the sun went down one evening. The farmer, who had raised prize winning peaches in Georgia for many years, suggested the bartender add fresh ripe peach to the plain daiquiri. The results were heaven! Luscious peach, finest rum and fresh lime juice blended together.

    Strawberry Daiquiri

    On a beautiful beach on the coast of Cuba, a young bartender created a refreshing cocktail made of finest island rum, fresh lime juice, and a dash of sugar which became wildly popular as the “Daiquiri”. One day, a beautiful lady suggested he add some of her fresh strawberries to enhance his wonderful cocktail. The results were magical. The “Strawberry Daiquiri” became wildly popular.



    Before Castro controlled Cuba, international travelers frequented the famous La Bodeguita bar, (a favorite bar of Ernest Hemingway). They smoked incredible Cuban cigars and enjoyed the bars favorite creation: Special Cuban Rum perfectly blended with mint leaves, a squeeze of limes, a touch of syrup, packed in a tall glass filled with ice and a sprig of mint leaves. The bar called this special drink a Mojito. The travelers enjoyed a long evening trading stories and enjoying their Mojitos.


    Tequila & Coffee

    A scrumptous combination of authentic Tequila and rich, smooth coffee.



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