Single Malt Double Cask

    Balsamic vanilla notes from white oak compliment the full-bodied aroma of tropical fruits, smooth malty tones & oaky notes. Rich caramel, dried dark fruits, and spicy tones from European oak add to depth. Elegance of sweet fruits and rich sherry on the palate. Long & generous finish.


    Single Malt Sherry PX Finish

    Rich, sweet caramel swirled with layers of spices entice the tastebuds to detect winey texture and mouthfeel. Long honey finish.


    Single Malt Signature Reserve

    Intense notes of rich PX sherry, creamy vanilla, and sweet toffee to start, then slowly revealing the spicy note of cinnamon, dark dried fruits, Indian forest honey, nutty, and oaky notes. Rich & creamy mouth coating followed by extra layers of sultanas, toffees, pudding & burnt cinnamon. Lingering and satisfying finish.


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