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    COMING SOON - Strawberry

    This is how a fruit-flavoured vodka is supposed to taste. Enjoy an ultra-smooth creamy taste that finishes with warm hints of strawberry that isn’t too overpowering or sweet.


    COMING SOON - Blueberry Lemongrass

    A crisp-tasting vodka that lightly blends blueberry and lemon into a magical combination without abandoning our signature Beattie’s potato vodka taste. This flavoured blend comes to life over ice, with hints of blueberry and citrus for a smooth takeaway.

    Try it with lemonade. (You’ll never go back.)


    Potato Vodka

    A subtle bouquet of buttery notes fills the glass, followed by hints of white pepper, almond and caramel. It all culminates in a smooth finish, ideal for simply enjoying over ice or in a martini with a hint of vermouth. Voted ‘World’s Best Vodka’ at the World’s Spirit Competition.


    Sweet Potato Vodka

    Why not try our potato vodka with a little something extra? Made with specially-selected sweet potatoes straight from the Beattie’s farm, expect a slight earthy tone with gentle aromas & flavours of vanilla, citrus and yams. Medium-full bodied palette with a long, lasting finish.


    Potato Gin

    Turns out, we have the pleasure of being the first Canadian distillery to make a gin entirely from potatoes. The smooth finish blends perfectly with locally sourced botanicals for a crisp, citrusy aroma and taste that puts this exceptional gin head and shoulders above the rest.


    Poitín (Irish Style Potato Moonshine)

    Our farm-crafted Poitin is an aged, Irish-style potato moonshine aged in white oak barrels for an approachable, smooth taste with warm wood spice and pepper aromas. A hint of herbs on the finish leave your taste buds feeling lucky any day of the year.




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