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Contessa Giulia Prosecco Extra Dry

Contessa Giulia Prosecco Extra Dry

A light bodied wine and that is crisp and clear with fresh, pristine lemon and grapefruit with hints on almonds and subtle mineral flavors. With fresh delicate, floral aromas leading to an appealing soft mousse.


The long history of the Montresor Family includes some famous ancestors such as the Count Claude de Montresor (trusted advisor to the Duke of Orleans in France in the 17th century). In the mid-1600s, a branch of the dynasty moved to the Veneto region close to Lake Garda (an area well known for the quality of its morainic soil). There  they found the perfect environment for continuing to grow one of the family’s main passions: wine making. In 1892, Giacomo Montresor started up Cantine Giacomo Montresor.



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