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    Bohemia Honey Brandy
    Combines the taste of genuine three year old slivovitz with the flavor and aroma of linden honey. With a natural honey aroma and light fruity notes with definite plum undertones, you can detect dried plums, caramel and linden blossom.

    Slivovitz 5 Year
    Matured fruit grown in the plum region of Bohemia. This triple distilled product, made from our own recipe, ranks among premium quality alcoholic beverages worldwide.

    Slivovitz 10 Year
    A superb brandy produced from the best assortment of late-harvested plums. The triple distillation and patient aging process gives this brandy a gentle taste. 

    Slivovitz Silver
    Three times distilled plum brandy made the same way for centuries, preserving R. Jelinek’s long dated recipe. Kosher for Passover Silver Slivovitz, made of the best well matured plums, has smooth, slightly almond taste.


    Special Reserve Slivovitz



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