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    Inspired by the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail, this berry-infused sweet red wine is a match made in the heavens. A familiar Concord-based red wine a twist, with a sassy balance of natural cranberry, strawberry, and blood orange. Cosmoberry is a smooth, easy-to-drink wine that’s a refreshing sip of bliss. Indulge in a glass after a long day or share at casual celebrations with friends. 



    Dreamberry, the juicy, bright sweet red of your dreams. Tropical lychee and juicy raspberry float through a smooth, fruity wine. Each sip is filled with natural flavors of real fruit. It's ready to enjoy as a relaxing ready-to-serve treat on everyday evenings and perfect drink to pour at tight-knit gatherings with friends.


    Key Lime Pie

    The crisp apple base makes way for a vibrant flavor profile of sweet-yet-tart key lime, sweet meringue swirls, and hints of graham cracker crust — no forks required. This seasonal summertime sipper is all sweetness and light. Serve chilled on a bright, summer day. Sip slowly by the pool for best results.


    Lemon Moscato

    The perfect change of pace for both sweet and dry wine lovers. Refreshingly light, crisp, and tart, Oliver Winery Lemon Moscato is the newest addition to our award-winning Vine Series®. A sip of summer, all year ‘round. Crisp and refreshing, this wine is made for the vacation state of mind.


    Sweet Red

    This every day, every occasion wine has an enticing grape aroma. Dark ruby color is matched by rich, fruity, semi sweet flavors and a velvety smooth finish. Perfectly balanced with refreshing fruit flavor. Served chilled, Soft Red complements just about any food from appetizer to dessert.


    Sweet White

    This semi sweet wine is luscious and tastes like freshly picked grapes. Remarkably rich and flowery aroma with a long, smooth and satisfying finish. Served chilled, Soft White is delightful when paired with poultry or pork dishes. An excellent accompaniment to fresh fruit, light cheeses or special desserts like rich almond cake!


    Sweet Rose

    This semi-sweet rosé is deliciously fruity with juicy grape aromas and a zesty finish. Served chilled, Soft Roseé is delightful by itself or add club soda and ice to make a great wine spritzer. Enjoy with your favorite Thai, Mexican or Chinese cuisine. Pairs well with light cheeses and fruits, or pastries and pies such as strawberry and rhubarb.


    Camelot Mead

    Golden yellow color. Dense aromas of triple cheese rind, yeasty pastry dough, and spicy apple peach compote with a soft, off dry light to medium body and a honey creme Anglaise, butterscotch, and nutshell accented finish.


    Bronze Medal - World Wine Championship Award
    83 points - Beverage Tasting Institute


    Blueberry Moscato

    Deep, flavorful blueberry juice isbrought to life by Moscato’s tropicalcharacter and natural bubble. This is arefreshing, easy-to drink semi-sweetwine. The wine’s light, low-alcohol styleis a crowd-pleasing change of pace thatappeals both sweet and dry palates.


    Cherry Moscato

    Moscato’s luxurious sweetness and tropical character is balanced by the bright, fresh flavor of ripe Montmorency cherries in this easy-to-drink sweet blush-pink wine. A hint of spritz finishes every sip. Serve chilled on the patio, around the fire-pit, at the beach, or for any evening in (or out)!


    Sweet Red Lime

    We took our best-selling sweet red wine and added a touch of summer. Fresh, pure lime extract adds a fun finish to the bright, classic Concord flavor of Soft Red. Put your feet up and try it chilled or on ice. Vacation in a glass!


    Gold Medal - 2018 Indy International Wine Competition


    Apple Pie

    Oliver Apple Pie features tart, crisp apple, soft vanilla, and comforting notes of cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg. Aroma is of warmth and gentle, sweet spice — bottling the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. Our winemaking processes are designed to be as gentle on the fruit as possible. The blend of apples varies from batch to batch, but generally includes: Ida Red, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Empire, and Gala apples.


    Peach Pie

    Oliver Peach Pie is a quintessential summer treat. This fresh, bright wine tastes like a helping of juicy, sweet peaches and buttery crust, with a creamy vanilla ‘a la mode’ finish. A crisp, clean apple wine base lets the fruity flavors shine in this sweet white wine.


    Moscato -  COMING SOON!




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